Nearly two weeks ago, a malnourished, elderly dog with fleas and rotting teeth was found wandering the streets of Summerville, South Carolina. On Friday, that dog is back in Georgia with his family after having been missing for three whole years.

On March 19, Binky – also known as Mr. B – arrived to Dorchester Paws for emergency treatment. According to the shelter, Mr. B was in rough shape. The nearly two-decades-old dog had a slew of issues. His coat was severely matted, he was malnourished and he had overgrown nails and rotting teeth.

But the Dorchester Paws medical team was committed to getting the dog back to his best.

While caring for Mr. B, staff scanned for a microchip and learned that his home was six hours away. Dorchester Paws gave his owners a call, and they couldn’t believe the news they received.

With the effort of a dedicated volunteer, after six hours, Binky returned to his family after a long awaited 3 years,” said Danielle Zuck, a spokesperson for Dorchester Paws. “Tears were had by all, as this impossible journey was completed, Mr. B can rest peacefully with the family that rescued him from a shelter all those years ago.

Stories like Binky’s are becoming more common as more and more animals are microchipped.

Microchips truly are life saving and the best way to get a lost pet back home,” said Lanea Wilson, Manager of Dorchester Paws Pet Support Department. “If you find a lost pet, please go to the nearest vet office or animal shelter to get them scanned for a microchip- someone could be missing that pet, whether only a few hours or years, they may have a family desperately looking for them somewhere.”


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