Meet Blue, the heroic pet pit bull of Janet Kelley, a mother of four in Detroit, Michigan. A fire broke out in their multi-home building, where a child playing with a lighter accidentally lit a mattress on fire in the unit below them.

The fire grew and eventually started to take over the whole house. The family started to evacuate as the firefighters were on the way to the house, but Janet’s one-year-old was trapped inside her playpen, still in the apartment.

Blue never left her side. He protected her valiantly, and also barked loudly, leading the firefighters to her location quickly and safely. Without Blue, the firefighters were not sure if they would have been able to save them in time.

This story reminds us how good our dogs are and how much we don’t deserve them. Thank you, Blue, for being such a good boy! You deserve all the treats in the world!




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