A sweet video clip of a Bernese Mountain dog locking eyes with her owner’s baby through a window has tugged at heartstrings across the internet.

The viral TikTok video captured the moment when Ivy the Bernese Mountain dog, arriving home from a walk with her paw-rents, saw her owner’s daughter sitting patiently behind the window of their front room.

The social media clip filmed the pair staring excitedly at each other, with the baby edging closer to the window for a better look at her dog and Ivy racing up the stairs to the front porch eager to be reunited with her human sibling.

On her sprint up to the front door, Ivy can be seen stopping and turning around to see if her owners have caught up enough to quickly let her into their home.

“My daughter loves sitting in the window when her mom and Ivy get home,” Ivy’s dad Ryan told Newsweek.

“Ivy noticed her in the window and ran up the stairs wagging her tail. It was adorable. Ivy and the baby love sitting in the window together, they do it every morning when I get ready for work,” he added.

Ryan’s daughter can be seen waving to Ivy as she gets closer to the window. It’s clear that the pair can’t wait to be reunited.

A previous video on @IvyTheBerner’s TikTok account shows Ivy ‘cuddling’ her baby sister while both enjoy a spot of people-watching together at the window.


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