One of the reasons why we believe we don’t deserve animals is their ability to befriend any living creature. They’re just too sweet for us. And that’s evident in countless videos that show the unlikely animal duos that become besties. The latest to capture our hearts comes from TikTok user @lily_boris_darcy.

A Golden Retriever named Boris used to visit his cow besties daily. These cows belonged to the neighbors, and for a few days, the cows were nowhere to be found. During this time, Boris would go and sit by the fence to wait for them, but nothing. He had given up hope of seeing his best friends again, until one day. Take a look!  


@lily_boris_darcy Every cow deserves a Boris 💔 #reunited #crying #pure #friendship #love #borisandcows #wholesome #emotional #viral #seniordog #fyp ♬ Turning Page (Instrumental) – Sleeping At Last

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