Our hearts always break when we see precious animals in shelters because they all deserve loving homes. The positive side is that we think more and more people are adopting and not shopping for their pets. But, sometimes and unfortunately, those adoptions fall through. 

That’s what happened to this sweet Boston Terrier named Nikki. TikTok user @dogtalesrescue, an Ontario-based, shared Nikki’s sad story of how her adoptive family never showed up. Ugh, grab a tissue before you watch this clip because you’ll need it. 

Ugh, we feel so bad for Nikki. The shelter was probably telling her that she was finally getting adopted only to be surprised that the adopter never came. How could anyone get her hopes up like that?! We’ve never wanted social media to work its magic more than now. She needs a lovely home more than ever! 



Nikki is available for adoption again. Please visit the link in our bio to meet her and learn more ❤️

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