The Chesapeake Feline Association in North East, Maryland recently uploaded a video of a beautiful long-term resident cat named Gray Belle. Gray Belle has been at the shelter for 2,803 days without a single adoption application. It’s always so heartbreaking to see an older cat waiting to find her forever home, especially one that has been waiting as long as she has. 

Watch this video posted by the TikTok account for @Chesapeakefeline to see this beautiful cat. 

@chesapeakefeline Gray Belle has been here for 2,803 days and has never had an application put in for her. 😫😭 #independentcats #upforadoption #adopt #adoptme #adoptmepets #graycats #graycatsoftiktok #marylandrescue #animalshelter #cabana #animalrescue #maryland #delaware #delawaretiktok #marylandtiktok #pennsylvania #cecilcounty #cecilcountymd #harfordcounty #newark #elkton #elktonmd ♬ Liability – Lorde

What a sweetheart she is! The clip explains that Grey Belle is shy towards humans and isn’t fond of just anyone petting her, but that she is great with other cats. She also needs someone who is patient, kind, and can love an independent cat. Considering Grey Belle loves treats, it might just take an owner with a lot of time and a huge stockpile time to win this pretty girl over. 

If you are interested in giving this beautiful girl a home, you can find more information here. Here’s hoping Grey Belle finds her people soon. 

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