Adog rescuer in Southern California has described the heartbreaking moment she found a “tiny pup” tied to a fire hydrant after it was abandoned by its owners.

Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, says she’s encountered a string of similar cases in recent years, many of which happened on the same street.

The heart-wrenching case came to Hall’s attention when a passerby called her to say a tiny pup had been left attached to a fire hydrant on the street.

The poor puppy had been left food and water by kind strangers but was too distraught to eat or drink, remaining curled up in a tight ball on the street.

Hall told The Dodo: “I called this woman I know who lived right by there and asked her to please go get the pup.”

The woman immediately dropped what she was doing and made her way to the eight-month-old puppy, which she found tethered to the faucet.

Hall said: “She was just twisting and twisting around that hydrant with her leash. The poor dog was all tied up.”

The dog, named Cici, growled at her rescuer when she tried to untangle the leash, but with Hall’s guidance over the phone, the pup was successfully untied from the post.

Hall noted: “She got so sick in the car. We think it was from fear and lack of food and water since she was too scared to eat the food when they left.”

The previous owners had left a bowl of food next to the pooch, which was a nearby post.

Cici was immediately brought to the hospital where she was given fluids and closely monitored, according to Hall.

She slowly started to perk up and started wagging her tail at various hospital staff members, in a display of happiness.

The dog rescuer is currently looking for the right adoptive family for Cici, who already appears significantly happier since her rescue.

Hall said that she was heartbroken to receive news that a younger puppy had been left attached to a fire hydrant, but the news came as little surprise.

In a great number of cases, the pups are abandoned because their owners can no longer afford to look after them.

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