Oftentimes people who rescue or adopt rescue dogs will tell you how challenging it is at first. Dogs need time to adjust and trust again. We know it can be challenging because you just want them to feel loved and accepted. So if there was ever a video to motivate you to keep going, this is it. 

TikTok user @keepingfinn found a dog two years ago and rescued him. It was a hard rescue since the dog was fighting and barking as they put him in the car. But now, two years later, this dog has completely transformed. Take a look!   


@keepingfinn Before/After, 2 years later… Notice the change in body language, eye contact, and confidence… Until now, this was a dog that never had peace in his life… It’s amazing what a little love (and some cookies) can do for a dog in need. Can you believe this is the same dog?! A very special thank you to @theanimalpad @losadoptables and the #teamfinn community for never giving up on Simba. And to Simba’s forever mother, Alisha, who loves him for who he is.. ❤️🙏 #fyp #foryou #animalrescue #rescue #dogsoftiktok #beforeandafter #transformation ♬ Pope Is a Rockstar – SALES

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