A New York City dog has found her forever home after her previous owner abandoned her in a subway station.

Heather Hamm jumped into action when she saw an Instagram post last week from @nycfreeatthecurb, a page that usually tips off locals to free items — like furniture and books — left on sidewalks around the city.

“Emergency! Needs a rescue!” the post read. The social media plea also included a photo of a pit bull mix tied to the handrail of an N.Y.C. subway station.

Someone just tied this dog to a pole at a subway stop!!! Fulton Street subway station where the 4/5 runs! In FiDi! Someone left a scared dog tied up!!!” the Instagram post added.

Hamm commented shortly after: “Update!! I have her! She’s coming home w me tonight :).”

Hamm told WABC that after she saw @nycfreeatthecurb’s post about the dog, she immediately called a Lyft and traveled to the subway station, where she saw two police officers standing with the pup. “And I was just like, ‘Can I have her?'” recounted Hamm.

“And they’re like, ‘Well, she’s your dog now because she obviously likes you,'” she continued. “I called her Peaches, and she responded. So, I kinda think that’s already her name.”

Hamm, a photographer and jewelry designer, frequently uses Free at the Curb, explaining: “I found my coffee table; I found my couch that I was sitting on when I saw this dog. I found so much on this page, so this is my craziest stoop find yet.”

Peaches and Hamm’s meeting turned out to be kismet as Hamm grew up with a dog and had been considering adopting one. “I was actually just looking previously at foster dogs, and then, I had opened up Instagram and I saw her. She was the first post on there, and I was like, ‘There she is,'” Hamm said.

Hamm took Peaches to a vet, who told her the dog appeared to be between 6 and 9 months old and that she was in good health. The vet also scanned for a microchip but did not find one.


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