A woman was at a busy Georgia intersection when she saw someone throw what she thought was trash out of a car window. Wanting to know more, she stopped to investigate and found two kittens.

She made the discovery the night of April 4, Planned PEThood of GA wrote in a Facebook post.

The organization, which helps animals and people who care for them, called the Duluth Police Department to file a report and “they immediately sent out a compassionate cat dad to help,” the group wrote.

The case was being investigated as animal cruelty, Planned PEThood of GA said.

The group also thanked Officer Baalson with the Duluth Police Department for his help with the kittens and posted a few photos of them.

The kittens will need veterinary care, formula and more

According to the organization, the kittens drank from bottles right away and the group was able to quickly find a foster home to take them in.

“Despite the sad start to the morning, we were grateful someone noticed the kittens and stopped to help,” Planned PEThood of GA wrote. “Justice will be sought for these innocent little kittens.”

The organization later updated its post and said a third kitten was found by another good Samaritan in the same area.

The group is taking donations for the kittens, who will need veterinary care, formula, warming supplies and more.

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