Pallas’ cats. One of the most unique cats that we absolutely cannot help but love.

They are mega chonky, they are perpetually grumpy, and they are so fluffy we want nothing more than to stick our faces into their fur.

Everything that they do is amazing, and the explanation for that is very simple. It’s the grumpy expressions combines with the intense flailing that gets us – every single time.

Whether it’s Pallas’ cats getting flirty during mating season, or if it’s Pallas’ cats getting extremely excited about food, or whether it’s Pallas’ cats goofing around in the snow. 

Pallas’ cats do everything with that same ‘hate everything in the universe’ expression, and it is impawssible not to fall in love with them for that.

And today, we have yet another video that will indeed make you fall for them. It’s a video of these mega chonky highly grumpy and super floofy Pallas’ cats having a very fun yet very intense-looking snowball fight. 


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