The first time Lindsay Valentine saw a fox in her yard, she was mystified. “I remember it because I was like, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen a fox around here,’”

The next day, Valentine saw the fox again — this time strolling across her front porch with two babies trailing behind her.

“I have a doorbell camera with a motion sensor, so I was watching them through that,” Valentine said. “I assumed they were going to stay under the porch for a bit … In the morning there were, like, 100 motion notifications from the camera overnight.

When I looked, I saw tons of babies wandering all over my front porch and front yard! So at that point, I was like, ‘Oh my God, what do I do? Do I feed them? Do I leave them? How many are there actually?’”

Valentine watched in awe as her yard transformed into a baby fox day care overnight. She counted through her window and was shocked to realize that there were nine baby foxes. Their mom had moved them into a den under Valentine’s porch, which meant that her yard no longer belonged to her, much to her delight.

She started seeing the fox family multiple times a day and began putting out fresh water and toys for the babies to play with, which they loved.

She spent as much time as she could watching and filming them through her window. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness a fox family growing up firsthand, and she wasn’t wasting a second of it.

Despite it being her yard, Valentine made sure she took the fox family into consideration with every move she made. She wanted them to feel comfortable and safe so they’d stay around and she could continue to watch them.

“I was no longer using my front door so I wouldn’t scare them,” Valentine said. “However, when I went out my garage door to my car on the driveway, the mom and babies would see me and didn’t seem to care. Mom wasn’t scared of me for some reason.

I didn’t invade their space, though, so I assume she didn’t find me threatening. So every day for a few hours, Mom would sit in the yard and keep watch, and the babies would play in what was my old garden.”

One day, mama fox got spooked and stopped coming around as much. She still stops by from time to time with some of the babies, and Valentine is thrilled whenever she spots them hanging out. She knew it wouldn’t last forever, but she’s so grateful for the time she got with the fox family who decided to rent her yard.


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