Undeniably, kittens are incredibly cute creatures. Sadly, the world is inundated with a surplus of unwanted kittens. During kitten season, shelter staff find themselves overburdened with work, particularly when dealing with orphaned kittens.

They either have to tirelessly bottle-feed them or rely on a nursing mother cat to take in the helpless strays.

The TikTok account for the @Bestfriendanimalsociety recently lucked out when they found a super loving mama cat willing to take in a litter of orphaned kittens. Watch this sweet video to see how loving this orange cat is! 


@bestfriendsanimalsociety Sweet mama helping #SaveThemAll 🥹 Find more info on our Northwest Arkansas center’s ¡G – @bfas_nwa 😻 #arkansas #kitten #surrogate ♬ Healing Solfeggio Frequency 528Hz(817269) – Ikumi Tanuma

It’s not uncommon for mother cats to adopt and nurse orphaned kittens alongside their biological offspring, but that doesn’t make this miracle of nature any less touching. While the video of this mother cat caring for her adopted babies is super heartwarming, it serves as a crucial reminder to spay or neuter your cats.

Preventing unintended litters can reduce the number of homeless cats and kittens, and in turn, alleviate the strain on animal shelters and rescue organizations.

We all might enjoy the adorable antics of these rescued kittens and swoon over how sweet this situation is. But we must also take steps to ensure responsible cat ownership. You can start by making sure your own cats don’t have litters of kittens. 

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