A dad’s unfortunate fall while chasing a runaway dog has gone viral.

Shared by TikTok by Brooke Mar (@brookemar14), the funny footage was captured on her family’s doorbell cam. The scene begins with her father, Keith, saying good night to Mar’s sister and her two dogs at the door. The group can be seen walking down the front steps and toward her car, but clearly one of the dogs, Riley, wasn’t ready to say goodbye.

The hound darts out of the door and toward the road, with Keith shouting, “S***.”

“No,” Mar’s sister shouts from the driveway as her dad heads after the escaped pupper.

However, he misses the top step, dramatically stumbling down the stairs and landing on his side. Mar’s sister begins to panic, but Keith tells her, “I’m OK, I’m OK.” He jumps back up, but the fall has slowed him down.

The pair begin to look for Riley, with Mar coming out shortly afterward to look for her dad. Her boyfriend, Anthony, follows.

“Come here,” the group can be heard calling. Wondering what is going on, Mar’s mom comes out of the house and yells, “Keith.”

Confused, she looks around for her family, while Keith can be heard uttering, “Wow that hurt” nearby.


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