We’d guess that 99% of pet owners will warn you about what happens after you start giving out treats. Just like kids obsessing over desserts and candy, pets will do the same by constantly asking for treats once they get their first taste of goodness. And well, some are a little nicer asking than others.

Most pets are very smart. They know exactly where the treats are hiding, which is why this cat likes to hang out right next to the cabinet, waiting for his sweet treat. He won’t even let his owner, TikTok user @therealtarnanlamb, walk past it without there being some consequences. Ha! Take a look!


@therealtarnanlamb forgot to video him BITING my toes for treats aswell #catsoftiktok #cattreats ♬ original sound – taryn lamb

He knows his owner is going to give in eventually if he keeps doing it. And clearly, he’s right! We can’t blame this owner though because we do the exact same thing. Pets are just too cute to say no to!

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