A hilarious pet cam video of two Great Pyrenees dogs playing together while home alone has gone viral on TikTok with over 6.1 million views.

In the video, posted by Gabrielle, (@gabpogo) the two dogs can be seen playing in the lounge, jumping on each other and cuddling all day. She said in the text that she had bought the camera to “see what our dogs are up to during the day,” and the caption simply reads: “best purchase ever.”


@gabpogo The best purchase ever #dogcam #dogs #greatpyrenees #pyrenees #puppies #dogsoftiktok #dog ♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek) – LucasGitanoFamily

The video truly proves that two dogs are better than one. Owning multiple pets can be one of the best ways to keep all parties entertained while you’re at work, or out for the evening. Pet nutritionist Purina points out on its website that: “They’ll never have to be alone except when they want to be.”

Veterinary expert Dr. Patrik Holmboe, a veterinarian at Cooper Pet Care, explains the joys of having more than one dog, for both you and them.

“Dogs are pack animals, and so having more individuals in the pack (and particularly more dogs) can help dogs feel safer and more comfortable” said Holmboe. “Having two dogs allows them to provide more physical exercise for each other! It is very likely that the dogs will play with each other more than you’re able to play with them – and in general, the more physical exercise, the better!”

Many dogs experience separation anxiety when left alone, particularly after the various COVID lockdowns, where pet owners were able to spend a lot more time with their pets, before eventually returning to their offices. A second dog can help ease this anxiety, and provide mental stimulation to act as a distraction.

“Two dogs will also provide more mental stimulation for each other than just you as an owner can do. Similar to physical exercise, there’s no question that increased mental exercise is beneficial to our dogs. It keeps them engaged, reduces boredom, and decreases chances of performing bad behaviors”, said Holmboe.

Socialization is an important part of a puppies training, and an older dog can do some of the work for you. “Having multiple dogs allows them to teach each other good manners and behaviors – such as calm interactions, sharing toys and sleeping spaces, and good interactions around food,” said Holmboe, “This does of course depend on the owner initially policing these interactions and making sure things are going well initially.”

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