A cat epically failing an “intelligence test” has gone viral, with the amusing clip receiving over 8.3 million views online.

The video was shared by TikToker @apipsyahfiq, as he recreates a viral trend claiming to prove whether your feline friend is smart or dumb.

The first half of the video shows another user demonstrating the experiment. Clutching a confused feline, the voiceover explains that to test your pet’s intelligence, you must hold them face-first against the wall.

“If they stop themselves with their paws, they’re smart,” the voiceover claims, as the cat puts their paws out forward.

The second half of the video shows @apipsyahfiq testing out the theory with Simba. After giving the munchkin cat a reassuring kiss, he gently moves him toward the wall.

Unlike the first kitty, who immediately sprang into action, Simba fails to push his paws out. Instead, he gently face-plants the wall—almost in slow motion.

As Simba did not grasp the nature of the assignment, @apipsyahfiq tries a second time. Once again, the tabby doesn’t try to stop himself, with his face smooshing up against the surface.

Despite his supposed lack of brainpower, @apipsyahfiq clearly loves Simba anyway, giving the tabby a reassuring cuddle.

Fellow cat lovers found the footage hilarious, with the failed experiment receiving over 870,000 likes.


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