This Texas woman made a U-turn to rescue some puppies. A TikTok vid of the baby dogs has melted millions of hearts.

Kristin Erwin and her husband were driving in Dayton, Texas when they saw puppies in a cage on the side of the road.

Kristin demanded that her husband do U-turn to save the doggos. This Texan is a dog lover and routinely fosters rescue dogs looking for forever homes.

She explained “A man, and what I assume was his young daughter, were on the side of the road at a four-way intersection with a sign saying ‘Free puppies.’

“I was happy that I passed by there at the right time so I could help,” She explained. “The guy said that he initially had six puppies, but three were already given away. So I took the last three that he had left.”

They documented their rescue and shared the video to TikTok on April 11. The clip, featuring the adorable golden brown puppies, went viral immediately and boasts 10 million views and counting.


@streetheartstx On our way home from running errands we saw a “free puppies” sign on the side of the road. We made a u-turn 😬 Welcome to three tiny new faces ❤️ They weigh 2lbs each and said to be chiweenies. No more living outside! #fosterdogs #puppies #houston ♬ sonido original – _SaiWick_

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