An extraordinary video has captured the moment a cat, who was hours away from being euthanized, suddenly sprang back to life.

Not much was known about S.S. Georgie the cat’s early life. His owner, Brooke, from Pennsylvania, was working as a veterinary technician at an animal shelter when the cat was first brought in.

“Since he was found in a storm drain, I considered naming him Pennywise [the horror character who lives in sewers], but he was just too nice.” Brooke told Newsweek. “So, instead, I named him S.S. Georgie after the little newspaper boat from Stephen King’s It.”

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals estimates that around 530,000 cats are euthanized in the U.S. every year. From the moment Georgie arrived at the shelter, it was touch-and-go as to whether he would survive. However, he had someone holding his paw along the way: Brooke.

“He was sick with an upper respiratory infection, so he was in my care every day as I was on the medical team,” Brooke said. “For months, I looked forward to coming in and taking care of him. He was very shy but had a special bond with me.”

Brooke had recently lost her previous cat, Winston, and wasn’t sure if she would ever care for another pet like that again. That changed with Georgie. “I would sing to him while I made his breakfast, and he would sit in my spare office chair next to me while I handled phone calls and computer work,” Brooke said.

Yet, even as they enjoyed their time together, Georgie’s health issues began to mount. “We could never get his upper respiratory infection to fully resolve, and I began to notice signs of kidney disease,” Brooke said. “We ran bloodwork and found out he had chronic kidney disease and FIV [feline immunodeficiency virus]. Additionally, he had a heart murmur and some minor skin and eye issues.”

The vets were able to get Georgie healthy enough so he could be neutered and sent to a hospice foster carer to enjoy whatever time he had left. However, things didn’t work out at his new home, leaving Georgie facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in the shelter.

“I knew I couldn’t let that happen,” Brooke said. “So, the day he came back, I adopted him.” Due to his condition, Brooke didn’t expect Georgie to survive “more than a few weeks” so was determined to ensure they enjoyed every second together.

Two months later, it appeared as though Georgie was ready to say goodbye. His kidney disease had progressed and he had not eaten in days. With a heavy heart, Brooke booked him in for an at-home euthanasia appointment.

Then, just a couple of hours beforehand, something extraordinary happened. Georgie began to show an interest in food. Not just any normal cat food either, but rather a cinnamon roll Brooke was eating. It was an incredible turn of events and one Brooke was able to capture on camera in a TikTok video now with 3 million views.

@ssgeorgiethecat 1 year ago was the day Georgie gave us a miracle and ate after a week long hunger strike! we got 6 more incredible months with him ❤️ happy cinnamon roll day!! #smartwaystolive #ssgeorgiethecat ♬ Smart Ways To Live – user60729438032

“When he sniffed the cinnamon roll, I literally said to him, ‘You’re not going to like that,’ and then he took a giant bite!” Brooke said. “At first, I laughed but then I started crying. I was hopeful it was a good sign that he was feeling better, and I was right.”


so impressed by my little man! I hope we get many more days 💛💛💛

♬ Up – Movie Theme – Giampaolo Pasquile

Soon after, Georgie went over and ate an entire bowl of cat food. Brooke canceled the appointment and, for the next few days, fed Georgie “anything he wanted.” He ate like a king, feasting on toast, bagels, rotisserie chicken and, of course, more cinnamon rolls. It was baffling.

“He was never a cat that liked to eat treats or human food, but that week he did, so he got anything he wanted,” Brooke said.

For the next few months, Georgie was given free rein to enjoy all the things he loved about life. “Georgie loved to go outside for walks on his harness,” Brooke said. “He never really cared for scratching posts but loved to scratch his claws on bricks, rocks and trees.”

“He loved watching TV and shows with lots of color or flashing lights like Stranger Things. Georgie loved to be groomed and brushed, so we would have ‘spa days’ and I’d even play calming cat music while he got his bath. He also loved cuddling with my German shepherd, who was his best friend, and playing dress up.”

That sudden interest in the cinnamon roll resulted in six more happy months together before Georgie finally succumbed to his kidney disease. “We let him go peacefully with at-home euthanasia after he spent all day outside sunning himself in his favorite spot,” Brooke said. “He was a truly remarkable cat. The vet and I still don’t really understand how he survived so long, other than he loved his ‘retirement’ and wanted to soak up as much happiness as he possibly could.”

Despite the brief nature of their time together, Brooke has nothing but fond memories of life with Georgie. “He had the most loving look in those big yellow eyes,” she said. “You could just see that he had the kindest, gentlest soul under that scrappy exterior!”

While Georgie may have passed on, Brooke will always remember him and his remarkable recovery that day. “Every time I see cinnamon rolls, I think of him and miss him so much!” she said. “It’s such an odd food for a cat to enjoy, but Georgie was anything but ordinary.”

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