Megan Alexandra rescued what she thought was an abandoned puppy ahead of a tornado, but soon found out it the tiny dog was actually something else.

“Found this little guy outside whimpering while preparing for a tornado,” the TikToker explains in a video.

The sweet animal can be seen curled up in the grass, seemingly exhausted.

“His eyes haven’t fully opened and he was shivering so we brought him inside after looking for his mother and waiting for her to come back,” she continues.

Pictures and video snippets show the tiny little creature curled up in blankets and sucking on a bottle.

“Once I started feeding him I noticed the smell of infection and when I looked, he was covered in larvae and a yellow crust that I thought was a skin condition until the water started washing them away.”

Eventually, it became clear: the rescued animal was not a puppy at all, but rather a baby coyote!


@meg.alexandra88 The universe gifted me a baby ✨coyote✨ #wildliferescue #babycoyote ♬ fix you – favsoundds

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