Who said that delivery guys and dogs can’t be friends? In this wholesome video, an Amazon delivery dude was caught taking a pause from his busy delivery route to give a lounging doggo some love.

And who can blame him?

When a cute and cuddly pup like this is staring up at you with those adorable eyes, it’s hard not to stop and say hello!

While we can’t promise that your packages won’t be a little late if this delivery guy comes across your furry friend, we can guarantee that you’ll be greeted with lots of tail wags and wet kisses when you finally receive your goodies. 

This heartwarming moment is a reminder of the small acts of kindness that make our day a little brighter, whether we’re a human or a pup.

Go ahead, relax, and enjoy this feel-good video of a delivery guy and a doggo bonding over their shared love of snuggles and smiles. 


My Dog is the Reason Your Amazon Package is Late
by u/b0ssdawg in AnimalsBeingDerps

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