The Oakland Zoo welcomed two new celebrity residents several weeks ago when they rescued two orphaned mountain lion cubs.

The two rescued mountain lion cubs, named Hazel and Holly, were rescued from Los Angeles when the City of Angels’ most famous cougar, known as P-22, died after being hit by a car.

Hazel and Holly arrived at the Oakland Zoo separately but both were malnourished, starving, and in dire need of medical care without P-22 to feed them.

Since arriving at the Oakland Zoo, the two mountain lion cubs have been resuscitated and they will soon head to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, their ‘furrever home’, in Big Bear Lake, California. But not before Holly got in a delicious treat: her first-ever hard-boiled egg.

Oakland Zookeeper Erin shared that heartwarming video of Holly purring while eating a hard-boiled egg. It is proof that all cats are the same, big or small, and just want to indulge in delicious treats made by humans.


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