A trio of 75-pound golden retrievers have left the internet in stitches after a clip of them protecting their mom from a “terrifying intruder” went viral.

The post was shared on TikTok on Sunday by the pets’ owner, under the username @the3retrievers_. Archie, Oakley, and Winston can be seen barking at someone in the living room, but when the camera zooms in, the terrifying intruder is revealed to be a plush toy dog, sitting there, “menacingly.”

The clip comes with a caption that reads: “Watch my three 75-lb golden retrievers protect me from this terrifying intruder.” This is followed by: “I feel so safe!”


@the3retrievers_ I feel so safe! 🤣 #funnydogvideos #dogsoftiktok #goldenretrieversoftiktok #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – the3retrievers

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