An incredible rescue took place after a puppy abandoned in arctic weather conditions was discovered by a passerby and brought home to safety, where he has remained till this day.

The tiny puppy, who was shivering when he was found, would not have survived the night had he not been spotted amid the snow, his rescuers said.

“The things we do to rescue a little puppy,” the dog’s adoptive mother told the Dodo in a clip. “It was probably about -10 degrees Celsius. He was completely covered in snow and ice.

“I received some text messages from my boyfriend Dean, they were pictures of this little dog. He just parked his truck on the side of the road […]. I can’t imagine that the poor little would have survived that night had he not been spotted.”

With a four-year-old and nine-month-old under her wing, Clark’s rescuer was initially overwhelmed by the idea of taking on the additional responsibility of a puppy.

“Clark made it so easy,” she added. “Clark […] started to fit in the very time I laid down on the couch to nurse my daughter that very night.”

As the mother sat to breastfeed her youngest, the dog made a habit of coming to sit by her and snuggling in.

“This overwhelming feeling of calm came to everybody,” she added. “He began coming over to us while I nursed my daughter, almost every single time.

“He had just ripped from his mum, but now he still has this special bonding time. I think she was a really easy first bond because he was […] comfortable with her and everything that she did.”

The dog developed an instant affinity for the nine-month-old baby and is involved in all the family’s daily activities since landing into their lap, explained the adoptive mother.

Since Clark has adapted to his way of life with great ease, the family enjoy going out for daily adventures in their local forest.

“The only footprints in there are ours and the deer’s, we are so lucky to have a private forest, it’s […] made it […] special for our whole family.”

Despite leading a busy life, Clark’s adoptive family say they overwhelmingly pleased with their latest addition to their household.

“I cannot imagine our life without Clark, it was all […] meant to be,” added the rescuer.


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