A sweet German shepherd named Raylan, who acts as a doting surrogate mom to the foster kittens that his human Laura brings home, was particularly enthralled when four blind/visually impaired kittens needed his assistance.

According to Laura, the arrangement was symbiotic.

“All four of the kittens were very close to Raylan. He helped them and they helped him.  He keeps them clean just like a mother cat would. He also provided a warm furry bed for them to cuddle with and sleep on and a jungle gym for them to climb on and play on. “

“They helped him by giving him a project by giving him something to do he can keep himself stimulated which is really important.”

Raylan was a little down after these kittens were adopted into loving homes. However, he always perks right back up whenever Laura brings home a new set of rescued foster kittens who needed his help.

“We get him more kittens and he’s back to being his happy excited self and we do it all over again.”


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