Nothing warms our hearts more than watching a rescue dog experience pure joy and love. If you feel the same way, you’re going to adore this touching video from dog rescue @trueandfaithful.

The heroes who run this nonprofit are pros at helping pups adjust to the sweet life, but they certainly have their hands full with 12 senior Chihuahuas to welcome. Luckily, the little ones already seem to realize they’re going to be just fine!

These sweet senior pups looked so scared and shut down while they were still in the car, but it was an entirely different story once they were running free in the yard.


@trueandfaithful We have long to do list with these 12, and we are just getting started!! Link in b10 to donate‼️💗 #chihuahua #senior #rescue #shelter ♬ River Flows in you-兮沐 (Cover 李闰珉) – 兮沐

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