Debra Cantwell is the adoption coordinator for the SPCA in Titusville, Florida. Some time ago, she and her co-workers found themselves in a difficult situation after taking in a pregnant Chihuahua.

The dog gave birth prematurely and, unfortunately, two of her babies died. You’d think she’d be even more vigilant about the two surviving pups, but it was the exact opposite: The new mama didn’t want anything to do with them.

But Debra had an idea. Upstairs, the SPCA had a Siamese cat named Nessy, who was nursing her own litter of newborns. Might there be some extra room for two neglected Chihuahua pups?

Some interspecies relationships work and some don’t, Debra said, but in this case, Nessy was more than happy to take on the extra responsibility.

“We took the puppies to see if she’d like them and she loved them,” Debra recalled.

Nessy’s maternal instincts take over and we have the cute video prove it!


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