Amanda Jones is a pet photographer who started the Dog Years Project to showcase how much dogs can change throughout their lives and to honor the relationships we have with our pets.

Jones spoke with Insider and gave her take on what makes photographing dogs so special, what the inspiration was to start Dog Years, and how began photographing animals in the first place.

Jones has been interested in photography since she was a teenager, though she had no blueprint for how to turn it into a career.

After studying photography at Ithaca College in New York, she “faced the difficult task of creating my own job,” she wrote on her website.

“I began my work as a dog photographer with very little knowledge,” she wrote. “I didn’t know how to interact with clients, how to market my work, how to reach the people that wanted what I could offer.”

But as her “Dog Years” project shows, she learned how to capture the dogs character.


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