A puppy called Eliot has melted hearts on social media after a video of him singing to his mom in appreciation of the meal he’s eating conquered TikTok.

In the viral clip, shared on TikTok by the pup’s owner, under the username Rebecca_jernigan, the little Border Collie can be seen eating his kibble as he suddenly stops and starts signing. Users all over the internet believe that’s a way for him to thank his mom for dinner.

The heartwarming post comes with a caption that says: “Wait for it… Once a meal he comments on his food.” Followed by: “Silly boy songs.”


@rebecca_jernigan Silly boy songs #cutepuppy #puppy #bordercollie #puppies #puppytraining #dogtrainingtok #bordercolliepuppylove #bordercolliesoftiktok #cutedog ♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

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