Trying to decide on which precious animal you should adopt from the shelter might be one of the hardest decisions. You fall in love with them all and went to take them all home with you.

More often than not, people will adopt just one precious fur baby, which is still amazing! But not always!

TikTok user @ryceortizsola went with a friend to the shelter to help her pick out a dog to adopt. It was going great as she found the one she wanted to take home. And then the best, most unexpected surprise happened. Check it out! 


@ryceortizsola Yes this makes 7 dogs 🫣 #fyp #adoptdontshop #dogs #dogsoftiktok #animalshelter #pets #impulsivedecisions #shelterdogs #friendgoals #dog ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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