Orangutans are such fascinating creatures, and share a lot of similarities with humans including having close bonds with their mamas. According to Orangutan.org, probably only humans have a more intensive relationship with their mothers.

Judging from the video posted by @Shalenahittle35, there’s no doubt these gentle giants appreciate the bonds between parents and child. 

The way Amber gestures for the zoo visitor to show her the baby is just so precious. @Ashleigh is familiar with her as well, and comments, “Oh my goodness is this Amber at the Louisville Zoo? If so, she is AMAZING! I have had so many incredible interactions with her!” 

What a beautiful and gentle girl she is and what a special memory these parents had with her and their newborn. You can just imagine them showing this video to their baby when they are all grown up!


@shalenahittle35 The orangutan asked to see our 2 week old 🥹 #orangutan #baby #love #newborn #2weeksold #animal #animals #family #ape #monkey ♬ Here Comes the Sun – Relaxing Instrumental Music

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