If you own a furry friend, then you absolutely know this struggle. You’re focused in on eating something so good and then you feel a drip of drool on your arm.

Yep, it’s your BFF with their mouth watering, waiting for you to finally give them a piece of whatever non-dog food you’ve got going on. How can you resist such a sweet face?

This guy could. Watch as he eats an entire hot dog without giving his buddy a single bite! Our pet owner hearts are breaking.

Even the announcers can’t help but comment on this poor fellow. ESPN (@espnatbat) had a whole new group of dog-loving followers for this viral video.


@espnatbat Just a small bite? 🥺😭 @Kansas City Royals #baseball #dog #hotdog #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – ESPNatbat

I mean, c’mon man! Let the poor baby have a bite.

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