Coast to Coast – Residents of a neighborhood in Iowa are on edge following a series of run-ins with a strangely aggressive wild rabbit that has a penchant for biting people.

According to a local media report, the bizarre case occurred in the community of Perry, where the bad bunny seemingly turned one particular street into its territory.

Roman Rustan fell victim to the pugnacious rabbit last Friday when she encountered the creature and it quickly went on the attack “It just jumps up and bites me,” she recalled, “I was like, ‘oh, my gosh, I was just bit by a bunny.'”

The animal’s bloodlust was apparently not satiated as it then pursued her neighbor, who was inside of their car, waiting outside the vehicle for the chance to attack and then chasing them all the way up to their front door as they tried to escape.

Upon reporting the incident to authorities, Rustan discovered that she was not the first individual to run afoul of the devilish lagomorph. “The police department says it’s been a rabbit that has been around terrorizing people,” she explained.

Cops in Perry confirmed the strange situation, saying that a 13-year-old girl had also recently been bitten by the animal.

While the youngster will be getting treated for rabies as a precautionary measure, Rustan says she is not all that concerned about getting sick as “when it bit me, I didn’t see it frothing at the mouth.”

As for the rabbit, wildlife officials managed to snag the creature shortly after receiving the report of last Friday’s attack and it was transported to the property around the community’s waste water treatment plant.

It remains to be seen whether the diabolical bunny will be content to stay in its new home or if it will make a return to its former stomping grounds with revenge on its mind after residents dropped a dime on it.


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