Original Article – An adorable Kitty named Wilson thinks he is an actual baby.

His mom, Mollie Williams, burst out laughing when she found her cat Wilson sleeping in her baby’s crib.

Luckily, she caught the adorable scene on camera and shared the vid on TikTok. It’s not surprising that the clip became a viral hit.

In the vid, Molly walks through the hallway into her baby’s room. But it’s not the kid that’s asleep in the bed – it’s Wilson! The cat initially doesn’t respond to his owner’s calls, but eventually, he just rolls over and meows.

“I really laughed when I found him like that,” Molly explained. “It didn’t surprise me because he’s done silly things like that before.”

Molly wasn’t too worried about Wilson sleeping in the crib because her baby isn’t old enough to sleep there yet.

The video’s success surprised her, “I can’t believe it’s gone viral. I’m so overwhelmed by how much everyone loves Wilson. He’s one of a kind and the funniest, soppiest cat you’ll ever meet.”


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