A man was walking home one day and spotted a dog alone in the street, he greeted the friendly animal and went on his way. The four-legged-friend then followed the man closely all the way to his house, that’s when the sweet pup got a lucky break.

A recent encounter in St. Louis took a stranger by surprise and started a rescue dog on a new journey.

“This dog just kind of followed him home,” chief life-saving officer for Stray Rescue of St. Louis Donna Lochmann explained.

Shortly after, the man got the dog into a fenced-in area and then called the local shelter. The shelter made arrangements to pick up the dog soon after the call.

“He was an absolute sweetheart of a dog right off the bat,” Lochmann said. “We were able to leash him up right away, and he went right with us.”

Orville, as the pup has been named, was headed towards his new life, as he willingly followed his new human friends.

“He’s reallyyyyyy skinny, smells horrible, and has infected dog bites on his snout,” the rescue team wrote on Facebook. “He hopped right in the rescue jeep and thinks he’s a lap dog!”

We are so happy for this sweet boy; now he has a chance to find a loving home!

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