Original Article – One cat owner has shared devastating news about her best friend’s pet.

Although her own cat is healthy, she can’t say the same about her friend’s animal, and now she’s warning others.

Sams (@idkitssammy) posted a video to help owners protect their cats from kidney failure.

A wave of sorrow washed over her as she sat on the couch, cuddled with her orange and white pet.

Her cat was safe, but her friend’s wasn’t.

“I need everybody to listen to this message,” Sams said.

She displayed a picture of her best friend’s kitten Jack, a small black and white boy.

“She just found out he is in end-stage kidney failure. She is devastated, and my heart breaks for her,” Sams proclaimed.

No one knows how much time Jack has left, but they’re trying to make him more comfortable.

Jack’s kidney disease is thought to have come on because of his exposure to lily flowers.

The cat would always lie outside on the porch, surrounded by the plant.

Even though he wasn’t eating them, the toxins still got into his body.

“Apparently, the lily touched his fur, and then him licking his fur is what got the toxins into his body,” Sams said.

Sams begged her viewers to check their houses for outdoor and indoor plants that could harm their cats.

“The toxins can build over time and cause internal problems over time,” she admitted.

Additionally, Sams asked her followers to pray and donate to her friend Taylor and her kitten Jack.

Supportive viewers assured Sams they were wishing Jack all the best.

One woman wrote: “Aww, what a sweet boy. Sending him, Taylor, and you all prayers. You’re an amazing friend.”

“I have three cats. Won’t keep plants of any type in the house,” an experienced man remarked.

Another added: “I don’t keep plants in my house for this reason. Period. Not worth the risk.”


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