Original Article – Videos of an adorable, puppy-like senior rescue dog have gone viral on TikTok, where it has gained millions of views.


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In one clip shared by @canigetpregnantfromthis, a TikToker in Los Angeles, a woman said some people thought her dog, Harper, “looks like a puppy,” even though she was 10 years old when the video was shared.


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Harper, who unfortunately passed away just days after the clip was posted, had epilepsy and “really bad seizures,” which required her to take medication three times a day.

She was also “a very anxious dog” and needed “routine and structure in her life,” the woman said.

Harper was also “not very good with other dogs,” according to the owner. She didn’t like “people watching her eat” and liked being “hidden under tables.”

The dog owner in the TikTok clip said Harper’s exact breed type was not known. But the owner was “pretty sure” she had “some corgi in her because of these little ears and cocker spaniel because of her tail and her fur.”

Harper was also said to have been “a pro-traveler,” having traveled with her human dad frequently. “You won’t even know she’s sleeping before your feet.”

According to a subsequent video shared by the poster, Harper died after being rushed to the veterinarian’s office, about four days after the previous viral clip was posted.

“I’m absolutely devastated as this is so unexpected…. I’m just so thankful that I got to share her with everybody,” the woman said.