Original Article – Sometimes you don’t want to watch TV or read about politics or even see whatever it is your aunt is complaining about on Facebook. Sometimes you just want to see baby animals being ridiculously adorable and there is simply no harm in that. 

The TikTok for @Lauramoore1965 posted the a video of nine-day old piglets playing with her Golden Retriever puppy and oh my goodness we cannot handle so much cuteness.



these baby pigs are 9 days old. They love playing with the puppy. no, they are never left unsupervised.

♬ original sound – Laura Moore5551

Tell you what, if this were going on at our house we would never get anything done. All we’d do is make loud awwwww noises at these babies and play with them.

Forget doing any house chores, we would just live in cute-land and ignore everything around us! 

This adorable video made our day!