Original Article – Adoption for animals isn’t always an easy process. It sometimes takes months for dogs or cats to find a home. But this pup didn’t take much time to get adopted, thanks to his star-cameo appearance on TV and a quick nap. 

A puppy named Bow was looking for a home with help from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. She was visiting NBC 10Boston. During the sports segment, the anchor Colton Bradford and his co-host Melody Mendez were giving an update about the NHL playoffs, and Bow was in Bradford’s arms the whole time. 

The puppy was awake at the beginning of the segment but she quickly dozed off in his arms. After giving her a quick look, Bradford reacted excitedly, “OH MY GOD, she’s asleep!” with a big smile on his face.

However, Mendex continued to give the news update while Bradford was looking around with disbelief. Then he says to her colleague, “Shhh” and whispers, “The baby is sleeping.”

He repeats himself and asks people around to lower their voices. Meanwhile, Mendez thanked the producer for allowing them to take a moment with “puppy cuteness.”


Bradford added that Bow is up for adoption and the viewers can check out the Animal Rescue League of Boston for more details. 

In the end, Bow was awake and her cute little sleeping face was enough to get her adopted to her future home. 

According to NBC10 Boston, Bow’s video garnered about 3 million views on TikTok and about 88k on Instagram. That’s not it. Reportedly, people are also lining up to adopt Bow’s siblings and they’ve been donating.

Many on social media couldn’t stop talking about Bow and Bradford. @kimberlypoekilgore commented, “He knows he’s in good hands.” @annablicegrosso wrote, ” @iamcoltonbradford this is a sign you two belong together!!!!!” @emmie.fromtheblock shared, “Adorable!!! It looks to me like this pup already found her person.” 

Sky, another dog arrived at Virginia’s Stafford County Animal Shelter in November last year and not a single family visiting adopted him since then. Son on February 27, the shelter home posted on Facebook to share their deep regret that the adorable dog was not getting any requests.

To their surprise, they soon received requests and Sky finally found a home. The post read, “Sky hasn’t received ONE inquiry since arriving to us November last year. No one has sent an email. No one has called about her. No one asks to visit with her. We have posted her multiple times…still nothing.”

The post continued, “We understand she must be the only dog, but there has to be someone out there who belongs to Sky. She is a wonderful companion. She does great with all people and loves going for walks with our volunteers. We are confident she will make someone very happy, she just needs a chance!”

The viral Facebook post concluded by saying, “All of our long-term residents have found a family and we think Sky’s turn is long overdue. Someone has to be needing this girl. We are only asking for serious inquiries. When she leaves her kennel she thinks she’s going home.”

Sky finally met her family on February 28. Donna Crowder contacted the shelter way before others. Her son, Joseph, who is autistic, reportedly got along well with the dog.