Original Article – Who remembers as kids how difficult it was to get to school around this time of year? You struggled to get out of bed because you just lost all your motivation. Summer was so close you could taste it.

Well, we’re happy to report that it’s not just kids who feel this way. 

TikTok doggo @englishharry also goes to school, which first of all is amazing and secondly, just like kids, he’s had enough. LOL! Based on his oh-so-relatable and adorable protest, this English Bulldog clearly doesn’t want to go. Take a look! 


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O.M.G. We can’t handle all the cuteness! No matter how nicely this dog owner asked and pleaded for him to come along, Harry the English Bulldog wasn’t having any of it.

His protest over having to go to school was all in his facial expressions, which is better than kids because kids will just yell right back at you. LOL!