Original Article – Any new parent is always so proud to show off what they’ve created. As they should be! Bringing new life into this world is so beautiful and should be celebrated with the world. And that doesn’t just go for humans! 

TikTok user @erinsfosters fosters many animals and she shares their stories. Recently, she posted about her foster cat who just gave birth. The way this mama cat looks at her precious kittens is warming hearts left and right. Take a look! 


@erinsfosters “Look what I made😌” #adoptdontshop #rescuecats #kittentok #kittenrescue #spayandneuter ♬ original sound – Erin Berger

Be still our hearts! Is this not one of the most sweetest videos you’ve ever seen?!

This precious clip has quickly gone viral with over 1 million views over the first few days of being posted. It’s safe to say everyone who has watched this is so proud of the mama cat.