Original Article – This adorable Pittie really went wild once he heard a few familiar words. To be fair, though, I’d probably react similarly to that kind of news!

McDonald’s chicken nuggets are a guilty pleasure of mine, though Ace Bishop’s sweet face and happy demeanor could probably convince me to give up quite a few of them. 

Clearly, he’s working his magic on his grandma and followers, too–they even sent him McDonald’s gift cards! Like commenter @doebeezy804 wrote, “Ace got that McBlessing.” He sure does!

Not only do I love that people are going out of their way to spoil this pup, but I love that he’s a fantastic advocate for Pit Bulls around the world. He’s so well-behaved in the car, even as he licks his lips in anticipation!

“At this point McDonald’s better sponsor Ace,” said @geezy069. You’re right! He’d be the perfect pup to star in a commercial, don’t you think? He’s certainly got the looks, and his enthusiasm can’t be topped.


@shaunathebarber Bishop Ace loves @McDonald’s ! Thank you Francine Bailey and Pastor Debbie for blessing Bishop!! #Ace #bishopace #pitbullsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #fyp #aceandgrandma #grandmaandace #foryourpage #dogofgod ♬ Funny Background – Stefani