Original Article – I never really understood the appeal of those YouTube unboxing videos. Here’s my Sephora haul! Let’s see what I got! Here’s the latest electronic virtual reality headset phone back massager! Watch me open it! 

Either way, these videos have never been my cup of tea.

But the TikTok account for the @Landofmisfittails recently uploaded an unboxing video for people just like us.. because this unboxing is of spicy rescue kittens! Let’s watch, shall we? 


@landofmisfittails Kitten unboxing! #kittentok #kittens #rescue #foster #cat #injured ♬ Little Things – Tiqta

Even though we love these kittens we do feel bad for the broken arm kitty at the end, and hopefully he’s all fixed up in no time. Thank goodness for awesome rescue workers who foster these homeless babies until they can go to their forever homes.