Original Article – Lefty the cockatoo was rescued from ‘one of the most filthy hoarding situations’ that this rescuer had ever seen.

Luckily, his life in a cramped cage is over, and he gets to stretch his wings in the water whenever he likes. 


@drrdolittle Lefty is such a sweet soul. He lives for showers and head scratches ❤️ #fypシ #goffinsoftiktok #foryou #goffin #foryoupage #cockatoo #fypage #cockatoo #fyp #parrotrescue ♬ original sound – DrRDolittle 🦝

Aww–what a gorgeous bird! Lefty loves the water, and he perked up way before seeing the mister that his rescuer used.

When she asked if he wanted a shower, he even nodded! It did get us thinking, though–why do birds enjoy being misted so much? Is this a common way to bathe a pet bird?

As vet tech Alyson Kalhagen explains, mist can provide several benefits to birds. It mimics the rainfall that wild birds experience and it offers a gentle way to clean the wings of debris.

It can also moisturize the skin under the feathers and can even promote a healthy respiratory system. It’s a great thing that Lefty enjoys his showers, then! 

“He’s absolutely beautiful! And so smart. Glad he’s being pampered,” wrote viewer @edielynch73. We couldn’t agree more!

This rescued bird seems like a fantastic companion, and we’re so relieved that he’s in a home where he can heal and thrive… and take lots of showers!