Original Article – We don’t know about you, but we love a good animal rescue story. It’s so heartwarming to see an animal learn what it’s like to be truly cared for, even when it takes time for them to let their guard down.

The only thing that can make a rescue any happier is when there’s a baby, too!

We couldn’t take our eyes off this precious mama cow and calf that @thegentlebarn recently welcomed home.

The pair were mere hours, maybe even minutes away from being separated before this sanctuary’s founder, Ellie, convinced the cows’ owner to release them.

Watching them live life together is the most beautiful thing!


@thegentlebarn Welcome home, mama & baby 🥹 This young cow and her baby boy get to spend their first Mother's Day together at our animal sanctuary—but they were almost separated for life. When Irma unexpectedly gave birth at at a place where they rope cows, the people were going to sell off her baby, but we're so grateful our founder Ellie convinced them to release Irma and her son George to us instead! They're currently in quarantine at our @sunchlorella Healing Center for some rest, relaxation, and bonding time. When they're ready, we'll introduce them to their new herd ❤️ #cowrescue #cowmomma #animalrescuestory #motherandson ♬ Turning Page – Sydney Rose

Aren’t they the cutest? It makes us so sad to think about either of them living in a place where the people didn’t even know this mama was pregnant.

She was being used as a cow for roping and clearly wasn’t receiving regular veterinary care. We are just relieved that both of them survived the birth with no complications!