A couple have expressed their joy after being unexpectedly reunited with their 25-year-old cat, two years after she went missing, capturing the heartwarming moment on camera.

The elderly kitty could be seen weeping with apparent joy after recognizing her owner’s scent, having survived on the streets for two whole years by herself.

Kizzy, who is an astonishing 116 years old in human years, had been living off scraps during her time in the wild, and her owners are amazed that she’s still alive.

The frail black and white feline was discovered malnourished and covered in fleas in the gutter by a worried passer-by, with claws so long and unkempt that she struggled to walk.

Kizzy, who was found in Upchurch, Kent, was then taken to an animal rescue center, where it was assumed she was a stray due to her not being microchipped.

After Animals Lost and Found in Kent put out an online appeal, Alison Lyng, 48, was astonished to see a photo of her long-lost cat, who had gone missing just eight miles away in Chatham, Kent.

On May 21, Alison and husband Dean, 55, were finally reunited with their beloved pet, who appeared to be just as happy to see them.

Alison said: “It’s absolutely brilliant to see her again, but what were the chances? For two years she’s been living with no home and no care.”

“When she was seen in the gutter, the lady first thought Kizzy was dead. She was emaciated, only weighed 2.5kgs, had worms and fleas, and couldn’t walk because of her claws.”

“And this is a pet cat, not microchipped, who is 25 years old and has lived in a house and been cared for all of her life.”

She continued: “She recognized my husband’s scent and then cried. She’s now relaxing with us and getting plenty of cuddles and treats.”


Natasha McPhee, founder of Animals Lost and Found in Kent, stated: “It’s just wonderful! It’s amazing. Most cats don’t get to that age indoors let alone outside on their own.”

Despite her great age, Kizzy still has a few years to go before she can be crowned the world’s oldest cat. That particular record is currently held by Rosie, a fluffy tortoise-shell moggy from Norwich who has lived to celebrate her 31st birthday.

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