If you cross a Dachshund and a Golden Retriever, you get a special breed called a golden dox, creating possibly the most handsome and well-behaved dog out there!

Though this breed’s look can vary in color and height, a golden dox usually boasts shaggy blond coats with short adorably stubby legs.

Their faces can also vary from the shorter rounded snout of the golden to the more pointy face of the dachshund.

Bodie, an eight-month-old golden dox from the Netherlands is a perfect example.

The golden dox has all the best parts of its parent breeds, according to the pet blogger Hepper.

This mix results in a lot of sweetness. They tend to have the energy level of the always-happy golden retriever, but due to their short legs, they won’t exhaust you with their galloping sprints.

What’s more, these dogs tend to love cuddles!

They’re perfect for families with children because they love to play but aren’t big enough to knock over little kids.

Like we said, this dog may just be the cutest dog ever!


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