Sadie loves her dad. In fact, Sadie loves her dad so much that she spends her entire afternoon waiting for him to come home.

Right around 3 o’clock, Sadie goes to her preferred spot at the end of the driveway and begins scouting for her dad’s truck.

“Later in the afternoon, she knows I’m coming home pretty soon,” Tim, Sadie’s dad, told The Dodo. And from about 3 to 5:30 p.m., Sadie waits.

Sadie is patient, because she knows her favorite thing is about to happen.

“When she sees his truck, she just starts prancing around, and she takes off running,” Sara, Sadie’s mom, told The Dodo. “She waits for him to back into the driveway and meets him at the truck. She’ll run around the house, and she’s just excited.”

The next part of her daily ritual is to bring her dad a toy to encourage him to play with her as soon as he gets out of the truck. “When she sees him, she’s happy,” Sara said. “If he’s here, she’s OK.”

Sadie loves her dad so much because he was the one who rescued her from her life outside as a stray. Tim, a mine inspector, would often see Sadie at one of the mines he worked at. “She was always at the guard check,” he said.

“She was real skittish toward people,” Tim continued. “One day, she showed her teeth and smiled. I just got out of my truck, walked to the pasture, started to open the door and said, ‘Get in.’”

Sadie followed Tim to his truck, hopped in and from that moment on she’s been part of the family.

She’s been home for over two years, and her waiting ritual is still going strong.


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