Anyone who has ever adopted a kitten knows how difficult it can be to choose which one, and when you add to the fact that they have litter mates it’s incredibly difficult not to adopt one of their siblings… or all of them! 

That’s what happened when the TikTok account for @Titanandteddy realized their adorable Siamese kitten had a sibling.

Watch the following to see the beautiful reunion between these two precious kittens.


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Now, there are pros and cons to adopting kittens in pairs. Even though no one likes to think about a kitten missing their sibling, you should never feel obligated to adopt a pet if that isn’t right for you or your particular set of circumstances.

It’s better to provide a loving home to one animal than to adopt two if time, cost or attention is an issue. Adopting two kittens means they are easier to train and are less lonely, and your kitten will have a friend for life.

But if adopting two and then surrendering one when they are older because the expense is too much for you, then it’s better to know your own limitations when it comes to pet-ownership. 

It’s always wonderful to give a home to as many adoptable pets as you can handle, and you will be rewarded a million times with all the love and companionship you can imagine.

It’s so sweet to see these little guys back together! 

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