Pup cups (or cups of whipped cream) are a famous treat in the canine world.

Many dogs will devour the entire dessert in a matter of seconds!

For some of them, though, accepting treats at all can be an immense challenge.

Ted the rescued Beagle is one of those pups who doesn’t always trust others or the treats he’s given.

This makes sense due to his history as a former laboratory dog, but we can only imagine the joy his mama @sammcgraww was experiencing when he finally tried the yummy treat for the first time!


@sammcgraww I AM A PROUD DOG MOMMA! TED ACCEPTED A SWEET TREAT FROM OUR BARISTA OUTSIDE OF OUR HOUSE. HE TRIED HIS FIRST PUP CUP!! We have tried to give him Pup Cups a ton of times and he always says NO THANKS!!! The fact that he’s getting better with trusting humans everyday makes me so happy!!! #endanimaltesting #pupcup #rescuedog #dogmom ♬ original sound – Sam & Ted the Beagle

Aww–good boy Ted! That’s such a major milestone for an ex-laboratory testing dog.

We can only imagine how difficult it was for him to adjust to his new home, so the fact that he’s come so far is oh-so-amazing!

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